In today's scenario, approach towards managing taxes transforms and become more imperative and thorny. The structure and laws are becoming intricate and all the transactions are inquired and examine acutely by the tax authority to increase tax collection to overcome fiscal deficits.

Whether direct tax or indirect tax, it makes vast impact on your business irrespective of form of business, whether it's running in Individual, Partnership firm or Incorporated Constitution.

Here at, Shah& Gandhi, we are providing customized constancy services starting from pre establishment of organization till the post transaction matters. Our team members are equipped with capability to provide elucidation for any multifaceted matter for any segment of the industries.

Direct Tax

  • Tax Structure planning and Risk assessment
  • Consultancy in Direct Tax Law Compliances
  • Tax Audits and Return filing
  • Consultancy in respect of Withholding Tax (TDS)
  • Representation before Income Tax Authorities

Indirect Tax

  • Acting as a Centralized Registration Centre CFC (An authorized person to carry on electronic activities on the portal of the department)
  • Consultancy in Central Excise & Service tax
  • Registration under Central Excise & Service tax laws
  • Verification and E-Filing of Excise and Service Tax Return
  • Representation before Tax Authorities

Today in the time of Globalization, the world is shifted from traditional form of business to corporate structure of business. It becomes essential to shape your business in the way that has national or international existence. The organizations are now become multinational and spread their business throughout many regions. So, corporate form of constitution is now become imperative for any organization.

To cope up with these emerging needs, our team will ensure you to provide our authority services, to build up your vision into the constitutional form and to provide associate services related to statutory requirements as per law. We also ensure that the Financial Statements and related documents are examine after proper understanding of the organization and business market factors affecting the organisation and the audit approach is customised to suit the client needs.

  • Company Formation
  • Consultancy for Structure and formation of different form of Company
  • DIN Application
  • ROC Search Report and related compliances

With the growing scope of business world along with the risk and complexity of dynamic laws regulations, the significant importance to statutory audits under various statutes increases, especially audits obligatory under corporate and tax laws. All statutes demand extensive disclosures that require detailed analysis of the Financial Statements of the organizations on an independent basis.

We are offering Audit and Assurance Services under various statutes. Our audit service is not limited to the conventional financial reporting function but also focusing on different area of business. Our approach towards audit is not only to focus on traditional concept of audit but also look in to the growing need of today's business need. Along with examine historical data; we try to focus on the risk associated with the business.

  • Statutory Audits under various laws
  • Internal Audit
  • Management & Operational Audit
  • Stock & Book Debts Audit
  • Analysis and preparation of financial statements

  • Preparation of Project Report for Bank Finance
  • Preparation of CMA Data
  • Liaison with various banks in matter loan facility
  • Liaison with Gov. Authority in Subsidy matter

  • Retainership Service (Accounting, Finance & Tax Management)
  • Liaison with Banks and RBI to ensure compliance with the requirements of FEMA
  • Registration procedures & other compliances with Software Technology Parks of India. (STPI)
  • Consultancy for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) matters
  • Registration for MSME (SSI) Unit, formation and registration Trust, Co-op Society
  • Certification work i.e. Net worth Certificate, 15 CB Certificate
  • Consultancy in implementation and creation SAP Crystal Report from Various ERP